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follow my weekly music racommendation. It's all about Afro vibez and Diaspora music.


  • Palmwine music is a collection of Afro and Diaspora tunes. Check my playlists and enjoy the vibes!
  • From Afrobeats to UK’s trap, I want to share what gives me chills or gets me hyped!

   Probably you won’t find many commercial songs because (in my opinion), many times, they are not authentic. There’s a whole bunch of not very known artists out there producing masterpieces! They are going to be Great! Let’s support them!

There are only two playlists available at the moment… Amapiano and additional playlists are on their way!


A collection of Nigerian (and some Ghanian..let's give them a chance) Afrobeats, Afro-fusion and Afro-pop music from the emerging artists wave!

A collection of UK's hardest and chilled rap/trap/grime music.

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