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If you ask me what is Art? My answer would probably be that Art is a prayer or a prophecy!

In all the ancient traditions, the origin of the whole, or the universal principle generated from an original thought, the first impulse, the Ennoia (most of the time called Big Bang by the mundane scientists or God by the dogmatic theologians).

The pre-non-existing abyss, the void, in union with the original thought (always identified as the Eternal Feminine) generated the Aeons, the Archetypes.

These are none other than divine manifestations (of the Principle), generated by the arcane duo, in their turn capable to generate subalterns. They are like small different fragments stemming from the same principle source (God), inheriting powers and peculiarities in conformity with their shape. Universal entities that regulate laws and provisions in the microcosm and the macrocosm. Abstract figures or substances, fathomless, impossible to quantify or measure, but which the ancients believed could adopt distinctive forms, or even become flesh. More often, detected or revealed as Deities, planets, energies, materials, symbols, or geometrical shapes.

Were they right?

Logos, Life, Death, Truth, Knowledge, Good, Bad, Providence, Desire and Beauty…

As an ensemble of lines, They delineate all the concreteness processed by our intellect. What is a line if not an undetermined sequence of points? The point itself is the origin of every line, every trace, every shape. But, can we think about what precedes the point? Can we think about what precedes the original thought?

The begetter of all the limits that have always tormented mortal existence, depriving us to discern our purpose, our power and control our destiny. 

Since the very beginning, We started to venerate Them and their surrogating deities (Archons), creating ever-changing religions, for survival, order, guidance, and above all, for answers. According to the ancient scriptures, They created us in their image and likeness, but they were oblivious for also having transmitted their divine gleam.

There’s proof of that.

As we endeavour to connect or reach the Divine through prayer and meditation, inversely the artist manifests the Highest and its Archetypes through Art. Whereas the priest appears to be a bridge between worshippers and the divinity, conveying the joint demand to the unattainable Archon/Supreme, the artist, through its acknowledged divine spark, becomes the Most High’s key tool, displaying hidden truths and communicating universal messages.

The Artist is like a prophet. Through its artwork, he enables the viewer to see what is pre-existing in the universal overlapping dimensions, far beyond our fictitious apparent reality.

For this reason, I’m very excited to know that 2 creative minds like Andrea Vago and Alessandro Moretti decided to give rise to Pantheon, a project that encompasses my thoughts.

A temple of views, expressions, and creeds where a gathering of artists (or prophets), indeed, are prophesying, announcing their gospel or revelation by the use of a papery space.

More specifically, Pantheon is a Magazine of Illustration, the first chapter of an editorial project which, likewise a liquid, it suits its container assuming forms in constant flux. The project aims to reinvent itself from scratch and reset its name, contents, and visual aspect, shape-shifting by each edition’s issue of question, in the attempt to substrate the reader the reference points featuring a brand’s identity.
The issues addressed let the imagination run over a roundup of images derived from the visions of the various artists called to contribute. Along this path, Pantheon represents the 0, an impalpable number, nil sign from which everything originates. Thus, the first release touches one of the most abstract sides of human life.
Which are the modern deities? What are the feelings that stir up the soul?
The purpose of Pantheon is to create a modern Olympus, an overview of the present-day divinities, on the aspects permeating our daily lives to the point of being considered true and proper cults.

I sincerely invite all of you to follow the page, purchase the magazine, enjoy the contents and participate in the upcoming release event this week (08.10.2020 from 6.30 PM), where you can join the prophets, having a drink together, and discover the modern Olympus.

You can find all the links and address here below:

  • RELEASE EVENT DATE AND ADDRESS: at Volta Footwear Flagship Store (Corso di Porta Ticinese 103, Milan, Italy) – on 08.10.2020(day.month.year) from 6.30 PM

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  1. Wow, this is amazingly written with obvious passion and understanding. This is some deep thought provoking writing my brother…answering questions i never thought to think about.

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