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How many times happened to you to hear these words: “ I’m not a racist, but…”?!

 It could be towards anyone because of race, creed, or sexual orientation. Let’s customize this sentence with examples: “I don’t have anything against the Chinese, but…Madness, they are buying every bar in Milan” – “I don’t hate Muslims, but…damn it, they are pretending to remove crucifixes in our schools! – “ I don’t really bother if anyone is gay, but… C’mon, they can’t kiss in public, that’s inappropriate!”
These are not really my thoughts, but I know that is recurring. That “but” is very ambiguous, it rarely saves your ass, but most of the time it lights up inner fierceness. I know the reasons why it triggers that much, but personally, I don’t see it in that outrageous way!
I preface this by saying that charging preconceived notions on individuals is wrong, but stereotypes are not completely unfounded and cultural peculiarities do exist. This is not a justification, but before you load the gun of “racist appointing” and take a shot at me, I suggest you to keep reading and everything will be clearer (at least, I hope so).

Now, binding only about racism, we can find particular subjects (especially in the Western world), who explicitly claim to be racist, but, sometimes, they are not really coherent to their own assumptions. I’ve heard and seen many times, people who explicitly claimed to hate blacks (especially males), but had a fleshly infatuation towards one of them (with subsequent consummation). Obviously, in their mind they were dealing with “exceptions”, but… No man! If you racist, You racist. Be coherent!

I remember when I was younger, a little “Pischello” ( an Italian slang way to say little kid) and I was using Netlog (…I know its embarrassing), which was, and probably still is, a social media for “bimbiminchias” ( literally could be dick/pussy-teens, but let’s say it’s Italian slang for “fucked-up kids” mixed with “drama queens”), very popular while Facebook was still in its primal phase. There was one friend of mine, (later, I learned him to be “racist”), who once posted a very surprising status on his profile board, reading: “I hate all the negroes except for Lyone”, which is me!
You could imagine my reaction! Wow… I was playing with this kid, I even went to his house more than once..and he, nor his family ever made me glimpse their true sentiments. Obviously, this kid was a joke. He ain’t a real racist, real racists don’t do that. A real racist is uncompromising, blunt, and defender of its “virgin” superior godly genes. He couldn’t have soiled his references with me.

At that time, I wondered how could be possible to make assertions about hating an entire race without really ever having dealt with it, and at the same time, making exceptions for the only individual who you effectively know from that race. Already then, I started to hypothesize that racism wasn’t a natural tendency to despise an aesthetic taste (like palate tastes, some people naturally love and hate particular flavors), but rather, a social installation that supposed to be good for something. What was this thing? I found it years later.
This kid wasn’t hating blacks for a natural dislike, he was having good times with me. Unfortunately, the social environment wherein he was growing, kept feeding this kid’s mind with toxic notions.

Never believe that the social/cultural environment around you won’t ever affect your way of thinking or acting.

But, going back to the point, what does the word “racism” really mean?
Basically, racism would be a sin of pride, “super-bia” in Italian. The root “super” is Latin and has the same meaning for English. Like when somebody doesn’t respect or consider other people’s opinions because he/she presumptuously thinks that his/her own opinions are “super-ior”. At best, a racist is someone who presumptuously believes that his/her race is superior.
As time went on, I think this feeling altered to hate, and here is where we find the reasons why this feeling has been “good” for something. Powerful forces and politics always knew about the existence of a mass ideology, and always knew how to manipulate it. 
When you think that your race is superior and your theses are supported by major institutions, you feel confident. How can we doubt Church emissaries who claimed that: “Negroes are by nature inferior by God’s will, and therefore, it’s fair if we treat them as slaves”, or that the Science Council carried out studies about human skulls: “We have the proof! White race is the most evolved, therefore, it’s fair if we exploit other’s people land and labour”. It’s not invented, these were “proven” arguments.

It’s like you know you are about to do something that is not ethically correct, but you don’t want to renounce the profit stemming from it. And because we can lie to everyone except our consciousness, we need a pretext to feel less like a piece of shi
It recurs every time in different situations (racism aside) and sometimes you need to find some very powerful painkillers, it’s not easy to escape conscience’s guilt. The most popular begin with: “It’s the tradition…” or “It’s written in the Bible…” or “Everybody does it…” and the cliche: “ He/she is probably doing the same so…”.
So, racism has been a great pretext to justify hate and violence towards other people. You believe to be superior, therefore you feel entitled to do whatever you want, but you need somebody to support your cause, you can’t wage a war by yourself. 
Because what really scares a human being is having an opinion by himself, all alone. He needs to comply with a group and draw up conventional thinking. That is how the mass was created, and when the leader of this mass has some crazy plans on the agenda, he really needs to make some shit up. Then, he just has to transmit that crap through institutions and mass media, and the job is done. We all know that mass media are absolute truth dispensers headed by a high rank of moral entities (lol).

Would you feel more motivated to discriminate/kill somebody hearing: 

  • “Our distant cousin, who shares our same identical physical features, is adherent to a different religion because his/her grandfather’s mother was jew, hence he/she inherited the same title. For some concealed reasons we have to kill him/her!” ?


  • “We are the pure Aryan race! These Jews are wrecking our social system! Because they killed our Lord Saviour Jesus in the past they became our anathema. Let’s get rid of what is dirtying our blood! Let’s get rid of the Enemy!”?

These were arguments used by Nazi propaganda to incite Germans to sustain their cause. When a population is frustrated and is not able to detect the real reasons, just give them a common enemy, and they will vent. In this case, the enemy was the Jew, and absurdly, many people really believed that “Jew” was a race.

[Can we imagine if today somebody would take the initiative to speak in a political meeting and claim: “the Christian race is a threat”!
Which Christians? Catholics? Orthodox? Asians? Armenians? Is Christianity a race?]

The race labeling was the easiest way to separate, but whoever studied a modicum of anthropology knows that we are not separated blocks of colors, but a flood of scaling nuances. There are no distinctive races but rather distinctive somatic traits.
(80% of the world’s population is brown, not black or white. All of these brown people are not necessarily from the African continent. Brown people can have different hair texture, skin tones, or physical/facial features; from straight hair to curls, from pitch-black skin to almond-brown, from full lips to a fairy nose.)
Whoever talks about “racism” today (or practices it) should be mindful of the fact that we are portraying a framework by relying on codes that are no longer valid. This matter is not reclusive within two polarities, blacks or whites, yellows or blues, reds or greens. 
As I mentioned in the previous article: “Why I Prefer To Define Myself As Afro-Italic/Mediterra (And Not Afro-Italian)”. , the concept of race, relegated to The National identity, was a mystification. A rough approximated way to distinguish whom to love or hate. It’s an outdated science that became obsolete. Are we still performing a surgical operation based on distant past medical beliefs?

“I’m not a racist, but…” – “I had a crazy night with a Chinese, still hating Asians, though” – “The Aryan race and the Jews”…
What do these 3 position statements have in common?
Apparently, a sin of pride. 
Detrimental to who? 
To the detriment of those who are inaccurately believed to be members of a different race, but more accurately are exhibitors of different customs and observances.

Is racism a dislike for the skin color? I don’t think so! Racism is fear and hostility toward foreign culture. It might make more sense to replace the word “racism” with “culturalism”.

The culture is not something inherited by genetic information. It resulted from a series of coincidences and conventions determined by climatic environment and interactions with other populations.
Italians are great cooks not because they have the culinary gene in their blood, but because the environment and the geographical position where they settled favored biological diversity (banking on a wide variety of ingredients) and facilitated the commercial exchange of goods and recipes from any direction.

“I’m not racist, but afro-Americans always do that..” could be a cryptic way to express that “I could have a relationship of any kind with afro-Americans, but their average thinking or acting (determined by their social environment) is really annoying because of a variety of reasons [always in relation to the claimer’s customs and observances].
It’s the same thing if I would say that I had an “experience” with a Peruvian girl, and anyway claiming to not digest Peruvians. Effectively, if that happened doesn’t mean that Peruvians are unquestioningly not compatible with my aesthetic tastes, but my cultural knowledge (still determined by my cultural environment) leads me to have interior conflicts towards their culture and appearance.
In this sense, everybody is a culturist/“racist”, and I challenge everyone to disprove it. I never met anyone on this earth that never had inner conflicts towards another group’s (of a different culture) beliefs or approach to issues.
And I won’t tolerate anyone to state that cultural stereotypes are non-existing or unfounded. They are not relevant to everybody but they do exist, the conventional thinking mass is dominant in every cultural scenario both for good and evil.
Is it unfounded to claim that average Italians are wily? And don’t like to respect the rules? If we compare statistics with Swedes we will recognize explicit diverging cultural aspects (we are very famous in keeping order at the queue or pay taxes, lol). Is it unfounded to claim that expropriated Gypsies are more prone to steal in relation to other migratory flows, for example, the Chinese? Is it unfounded to claim that Dominicans are promiscuous and have a distorted assessing method in regard to monogamy? Or that Nigerians are more uninhibited to ask for money and definitively, do not boast for being counted as the humblest people in the world (extra lol)? And so on with an infinite range of examples.

We are all culturists, what really changes is the paradigm conquerors/conquered – supremacists/embedded(oppressed).

Again, the root of Supremacy comes back familiar. “Suprem” from “supremo” (supreme), which in its turn derives from “super”; and “Premacy, from “Prematia”, that is right of authority (an evolved sin of pride).
A supremacist is someone who lives in the condition of plenary representation. His/Her culture becomes the founding codex of higher institutions and the social structure. It’s a velvety context (often built-up illicitly) where any kind of prideful act would entail the veiled or explicit discrimination of the minorities (or sometimes, the violently oppressed majorities).
If someone is living in a system of supremacy and is not able to recognize it, that person is an idiot endowed with unprecedented intellectual lowliness. And for all the negationist Westerners I would propose an alternative scenario. Can we imagine if tomorrow we would establish Swahili to be the International language and Agbada the appropriate business attire? Portraits of a brown Middle-Eastern Jesus and afro hair or dreadlock as formal hairstyles? I can already envision their reaction! Total alienation! Probably, the average white Americans would infuriate in the streets waving their guns and tapping the spindle of their “Freedom” placards on the ground.

The average people living in a state of supremacy, that are not educated about it, subconsciously really believe that their culture is superior (poor deluded creatures), hence want to “standardize” (impose) it to everyone.

However, on the other hand, quite often, the oppressed are affected by some sort of victimhood’s craze.
I am not saying that we are not victims, we definitively are, but many times I notice that victims play the victim card too much, for anything. They perceive conspiracies in every aspect without any kind of empathy. As if we were deployed in 2 factions, the good guys and the bad guys. In this case, the supremacists would be the indisputable evil men and the oppressed/embedded would be the maltreated little angels, but it’s bullshit. We are all humans and culturists. If this wouldn’t be true, I wouldn’t understand why also our “angelic” homelands are plagued by violence and discrimination.
I wouldn’t understand gang crimes, I wouldn’t understand why the Hutu exterminated the Tutsi, I wouldn’t understand Northern Nigeria herdsmen massacres, I wouldn’t understand Oromo rebels killing innocents through villages in Ethiopia, I wouldn’t understand “Ghana must go”, I wouldn’t understand the induced famine in Biafra, and I wouldn’t understand many things worldwide…

Sometimes I ask myself if roles were supposed to switch what it would happen, and I’m afraid that the “so-called” victims or oppressed wouldn’t behave any better if not worse.

By way of conclusion, I would like to remind that the state of supremacy has never been everlasting. I suggest everybody to firmly keep that in mind and accordingly, be empathetic in respect of everyone. Get educated about it and do not commit prideful acts, or in the future, everything will be directed back to your offsprings. 
[what goes around, comes around].

And one last thought. 

Cultures are like clothes, and clothes don’t fit the same for everybody. Someone feels better or confident wearing skinny jeans and someone else wearing Baggy jeans. Leggins or long skirts. It depends on the weather and personality.
My hope is that, for the future, we will evolve as human beings by stopping to oppress ourselves with cultures and traditions that don’t fit with us, and we could choose as we chose for a dress to wear.
But more than that, I’m hoping that cultures themselves will evolve in conformity with ethics and good sense. We are a globalized world today, not that is a wonderful thing, but we have the incredible chance to see multiple realities. Let us stop to be affected by quirks of austere parochialism, keeping up to commit sins of pride generation after generation.

Let’s choose with no fear.

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